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10 days till Icebreaker!

10 days till Icebreaker folks!! Hope the training is going well – it’s nice and icey at Eastnor today.

Race packs will be arriving in the post for you this week. For any entries made over the last 7 days, you should receive your packs next week. Entries made after the 11th, come and collect from registration on the day. Anyone who forgets their pack will need to grovel and bring fishbeth chocolate.

Final joining instructions are included in your race packs but we have also attached a copy for you below. Please make sure you have a read through in the next few days as Elsie will be testing you all on the day. We have also added some cut off times – these are not to put anyone off but simply there as a guide and for your own health and safety as we want to make sure you are all back before it gets really dark and chilly!

See you all on the 17th! Any questions in the meantime email fi

Mud Runner Classic 2012

The official results for Mud Runner Classic 2012 are as follows;

Junior Classic

Junior Male
1st Joe Morrow
2nd James Southall
3rd Joshua Dowle
4th Jake Cavens
5th Ben Williams

Junior Female
1st Helen Jubb
2nd Ella Jones
3rd Emily Dowle
4th Megan Creed
5th Isobel Hartley Smyth

Junior TEAM Results
1st MALE TEAM – The Dirty Doughnuts
1st FEMALE TEAM – Worcester Tri Club Juniors
1st MIXED TEAM – The Fodac Four

Mud Runner Classic 2012
Main Adult Male
1st Garry Hughes
2nd James Bingham
3rd Jonathan Barnes
4th Jon Mansfield
5th Luke James

Main Adult Female
1st Mille Barnes
2nd Niki Morgan
3rd Emma Gill
4th Petra Vymetalova
5th Holly Blount

Main Race TEAM Results
1st MALE TEAM – Shameless Media Whores
1st FEMALE TEAM – Asylum Functional Training
1st MIXED TEAM – Sump Numpties

Category winners for both races are also shown in the full results below. Prizes and trophies are awarded to the top 5 male and female in each race and then to each age category winner. Prizes are also awarded to the winning teams. Prizes & trophies for the Junior race are given to the top 5 juniors (aged under 16yrs).

Well done to everyone who took part, it was tough! As always, if you have any queries please email or and we will come back to you asap.

Official Classic 2012 Results Adult v5
Provisional Junior Classic 2012 Results

Mud Runner EQUINOX 2012

Thank you to everyone who took part in Mud Runner EQUINOX on Sunday. We were treated to another gloriously sunny day in Scotland and the course looked amazing.

Clearing the course this morning, we realised (again) how difficult the terrain is to run in, there is every kind of mud imaginable. There is nothing manmade about the Craufurdland course, just tough muddy running across a beautiful estate. The enthusiasm and support between the runners and spectators was extraordinary, how you continue to run and smile is a mystery to us – thanks for making it such a great day.

Version one of the results can be downloaded below. Any questions amendments or additions please email

Mud Runner OBLIVION Dirty Weekend 2012

The results are listed in the attached PDF files, they include category winners, full results listing and team results. There also excel spreadsheets at the bottom for the propeller heads to play with.

The age categories by gender include U7, U11, U9, U13, U35, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+

There are also combined results for people that did both races. Mike Link won the overall dirty weekend and was the only person to complete the whole course twice in a combined time of under 2 hours, given he is also in his 40’s this is a simply stunning result.

We will be posting on trophies for the categories as soon as possible.

Marshalls Awards: These are awarded each day to the runner or runners who best capture the spirit of the event. The following won marshalls award.

Sunday Marshalls Award: Wesley Morrison & Paul Shufflebotham – this fag smoking tattooed duo, have attended every race at Eastor (well Wes has, the shuff missed one), they terrify us, but keep going, never training always running and always smiling

Saturday Marshalls Award: Ranald Forbes – like Wes, Ranald has also completed every single Mud Runner event held at Eastnor (including both races on the dirty weekend), last year he even completed OBLIVION on a fractured ankle to ensure he continued his run and remained a survivor. Although there is a group of people who have completed 7 races, only Wes and Ranald have completed all 9.

Full Dirty Weekend Marshalls Award: Eliot Taylor – Eliot has consistently placed in the top 5 at Mud Runner races and this year having placed well at ICEBREAKER became a Mud Master. He is a very talented young runner, who unfortunately took a wrong turning on Saturday’s race and ended up running about 8 miles, along with a few other runners who followed him. Undaunted he turned out on Sunday and ran it again, finishing 2nd. It is gutting for race organisers when athletes get lost on the course and athletes get very angry when it happens. Eliot was completely pragmatic about this and wrote a really positive blog post about his experience. This award recognises his tenacity for coming back and not giving Elsie a load of grief for when he got lost which must have been bitterly disapointing. –

Mud Runner JUNIOR Marshalls Awards

Saturday Marshalls Award: Malvern Joggers Junior Runners: Newly formed, we always have a great turn out from the Malvern Joggers and it is great to see their Junior side growing so strong, also to see so many of the adults running along with the Juniors –

Sunday Marshalls Award: Newport & District Harriers: As with the Malvern Joggers another awesome turnout, they also won the mixed team prize. Nice one.

Full Dirty Weekend Marshalls Award: Poppy Wharrad, Jayne, Duncan & Vaughan Cresswell – We didn’t really know what to expect when we planned the dirty weekend, after the disappointment of cancelling April’s race. One of the delights was seeing so many families taking part and many completing multiple races. Between them took part in all the races across the weekend. Well done.

Mud Runner EQUINOX 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who took park it Mud Runner EQUINOX – it was a small event with a massive atmosphere. Provisional Results can be downloaded below. Any amendments please email

Thank you to everyone for making it a great event and congratulations to the prize winners.

Male Open
1. Matthew Stevenson – 0:55:25
2. Stewart Ferguson – 055:59
3. Alasdair Murray – 056:16
4. Graham Cullen – 0:56:30
5. Alex Craufurd – 0:58:17

Female Open
1. Susan Ballantyne – 1:07:21
2. Sally Reeves – 1:08:48
3. Isla Goldie – 1:10:26
4. Carolyn Espie – 1:13:36
5. Lauraine Sweeney – 1:16:54

Team of 3
Tuff Mudders – Carolyn Espie , Struan Grant , Robert Patterson

Male 40+
Alasdair Murray

Male 50+
Lawrie Johnston – 1:20:10

Male 60+
Matt Ferguson – 1:03:38

Female 35+
Susan Ballantyne – 1:07:21

Female 45+
Kay McGreevy – 1:19:06

Female 55+
Ann Graham – 1:36:23

Marshalls Award – for capturing the spirit of the day and being generally ridiculous
Kirsten Thompson, Nicola McCormack, Kay Campbell, Ann Minto, Malky McGregor, Jade Minto, Ann Graham,

MudRunnerEquinox 2012Results Version 2

Mud Runner Junior 2011

Mens Results
1. James Southall – 19:43
2. Joshua Matthews – 20:07
3. Jacob Payne – 21:44

Womens Results
1. Sophe Beckingham – 23:12
2. Hattie Barnett – 24:44
3. Briony Bishop – 25:38

Mixed Team – Dirty Dowlers – Emily , Katie, Josh Dowle – 26:15
Mens Team – The Jam-My Dodgers – Matt Storey, Archie Chapman, Josh Stork – 27:42
Womens Team – Babes with Brains – Abbie Brooks, Felicity Bee, Aurelia Marcus – 28:51

Marshalls Award – Grandma and the Monsters – Jenny Marlow, Alexander & Xavier Denny – 45:41

(note: team results are on the final page)
Next time we will ensure there are awards across all age group categories

Mud Runner CLASSIC 2011

Mens Open
1. James Bingham – 55:46
2. John Pullen – 55:59
3. Colin Brearley – 57:54
4. Matt James – 58:07
5 Adam Gellatly – 58:12

Womens Open
1.Roz Viner – 1:06:59
2. Niki Morgan – 1:08:20
3. Holly Blount – 1:09:17
4. Petra Vymetalova – 1:11:17
5. Elsa Knoertzer – 1:14:21

Mens Team – The Good, The Bad and the Muddy – John Pullen, Eliot Taylor, Jim Hicks – 59:03
Women’s Team – Team J – Kerry Pilkington, Emma Lonsdale, Sue Walker – 1:37:18
Mixed Team – Gypsy Magic – James Bingham, Owen Morris, Emma Patton – 1:18:00

Marshalls’ Award – Rick Rodgers

Mud Runner CLASSIC 2011 Final Results

Mud Runner JUNIOR 2011 Final Results

Mud Runner OBLIVION 2011

1st – Matt James – 00:52:36
2nd – Adam Gellatly – 00:53:46
3rd – James Bingham – 00:55:04
4th – Clifford Berry – 00:55:38
5th – Eliot Taylor – 00:56:14

1st – Becky Hoare – 01:01:23
2nd – Camilla Barnes – 01:08:24
3rd – Ros Viner – 01:08:28
4th – Elsa Knoertzer – 01:10:51
5th – Ronnie Myers – 01:11:10

1st Team – Male – Adam Gellatly, James Bingham, Matt Green – Team Venom
1st Team – Female – Elsa Knoertzer, Fiona Nesfield, Marina Vincent – Shake Puddle and Roll !
1st Team – Mixed – Jon Cage, Michael Harris, Sophie Blandford – Team Zephir Old Farts

Male Age Categories
1st Male 40+ – Clifford Berry – 00:55:38
1st Male 50+ – David George – 01:01:10
1st Male 60+ – Steve Prior – 01:23:22

Female Age Categories
1st Female 40+ – Jacque Purdy – 01:15:44
1st Female 50+ – Karen Mann – 01:26:41
1st Female 60+ – Margaret Law – 02:38:00

Marshalls Award – “For having a great time and bringing loads of spirit to the race”
Jo Cryer, Maria Lamb, Joanne Linington

2011 Mud Runner OBLIVION Final Results v1